Enjoy your study?  Am I serious?   YES!

Here are 10 quick tips to boost your enthusiasm, mood, and maximise the “fun factor” in your hard work:


1.  Mix it up with technology 

PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, tablet, apps, software, ANYTHING!  Whatever is most helpful to your subject.

2. Listen to music

I recommend classical, meditation or relaxation music (without words) as the most effective to help you study.  By all means, put on your favourite tunes also, but don’t make the music too loud.

3.  Take regular breaks and keep a drink or snack nearby

Taking regular breaks for a water or snack can help you keep your energy up.  It also means you can cover more content because you are more alert.  Being prepared will help you get the most out of your time.

4.  Sit on a comfy chair, ideally at a desk

If you sit on a good seat at a desk, everyone will know that you are really “serious” about your work.  It also promotes good posture.

 5.  Try to keep cool and have good ventilation

Air conditioning is great for helping you keep cool and thinking about your work (instead of the heat).  Do what you can to stay cool, e.g. go to the library, open the window, have a cool drink, study outside.

6.  Study where there is good lighting to read

Save twilight for the movies and make sure you have lots of light to read your notes, books and operate any devices.  Time will be wasted if you can’t see what you’re meant to be doing?!

7.  Buy cool stationery, folders and accessories

Colourful and interesting stationery items, folders and accessories are not only practical, but are a great way to boost your mood and enthusiasm towards study.  You can be as crazy or as conservative as you like!

8.  Schedule time for study & time for chillaxing

A simple timetable or calendar on your phone (or other device) can help you set key times for study, and record other meets and events with family and friends.  This also helps you keep a balanced life.

9.  Do regular exercise

Walking, running, gym, tennis, football, whatever!  Keep active and keep moving when you can to help keep you mind and body sharp, ready to absorb more information.  You’ll enjoy it too!  Try it with a buddy.

10.  Convert your content into another form to make it fun to study

Try making flash cards, using mnemonics, silly stories, tables, pictures, flow charts, diagrams, songs, anything!  The possibilities are endless!  You’ll also remember the content you study better than staring at a page.