How to Write a Basic Essay

Essay writing is a very valuable skill and necessary as one proceeds through their educational career.  In fact, the higher the grade level, the essay writing assignments will become at times complex and taxing as the requirements become more demanding.  These compositions will propose an idea and use facts or statements, even analysis and then explanations to support them.  The most common format used for essay writing is called a ‘five paragraph’ essay.
The format of the five paragraph essay rarely varies and encompasses three sections:  the essay introduction, the body of the essay and a conclusion.


The first paragraph of an essay is known as the introduction since it will be used to introduce the subject and usually proposes the the writer’s aim with the subject matter.  It is meant to capture reader interest and attention through a statement.  The sentences which follow the statement should further clarify why the writer chose the topic. The concluding sentence of the introductory paragraph is called a ‘thesis’ statement and will, in a concise manor  outline what the writer intends to prove in the body of the essay. A thesis statement is good when it is specific and clear, the writer takes a firm position and concisely reviews the proposed essay.


The middle section of the essay is called the ‘body’ and consists of three paragraphs.  Individually, these paragraphs will take one main idea supporting the original thesis and expand it and argue in support of it.  The first paragraph will be the one with the strongest support statement.  Each of these paragraphs will begin with a sentence that will address the supporting idea and then continue to provide facts, analysis or further statements backing up that idea.  The final summary sentence will conclude these paragraphs by summing up for the reader what the paragraph was discussing.

Each paragraph will be similarly formated with the third paragraphs summary sentence providing the reader with a summation of paragraph and an indication that this is a final argument in support of the writer’s thesis.

The ending paragraph of the five paragraph essay is entitled the ‘conclusion’ as it’s purpose is to conclude the essay.  It usually begins by restating one’s original thesis statement.  This is a re-written use of the introductory sentence in your introduction paragraph.  It will concisely summarize in one sentence each the arguments parlayed throughout the body of the essay and end with a sentence that sums up the entire essay in a manner that satisfies the reader. This paragraph will show the reader the writer has proven the points of their argument and is confident in their thesis.


Being able to write an essay that effectively  sustains your points with facts, statements and analysis is essential to one’s progress not only in the lower high school grades, but as one moves on to college and even higher educational endeavors as well.  This essay format, if one focuses upon and develops the ability will serve one through their education and beyond.


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