If you are looking to go to college, there is doubt that you will come across multiple choice exams. Standardized tests rely heavily on multiple choice questions, as do exams that you will take in your classes.

Because of their importance, it is wise to concentrate on some strategies that will improve your performance on multiple choice questions.

  • Make sure that you completely read each question and all of the possible answers before choosing your answer.
  • Once you read the question, pause for a bit and think of your answer before reading the possible answers.  This way, if you know right answer you won’t second guess yourself after reading the choices.
  • Mark out answers that you know are wrong, then pick your answer from the remaining options.
  • Before you choose your answer make sure that you have read all of the options. Sometimes there is more than one right answer (A&C, all of the above, etc.).
  • If you won’t be penalized for it, and you don’t know the answer to a question, guess.
  • Don’t second guess yourself.  Usually your fist choice is right.
  • You will come across questions with the option of “all of the above.”  If you think that one of the answers is wrong, do not chose “all of the above.”  You will also come across the “none of the above” option.  If you think that one of the answers is true, don’t chose “one of the above.”
  • If there are two right answers in an “all of the above” question then this is normally the right answer.
  • If you have to guess, the right answer sometimes has more facts in it than the wrong answers.