Preparing for Short Answer Tests

Most tests contain short answer sections. The following strategies will help you effectively prepare for short answer questions:

  • As with all types of test questions, the best way to prepare is by studying. During lectures, try to decipher what types of topics and concepts will be covered on the test by looking for hints provided by the professor.
  • Make a guess as to what types of concepts will be covered on a test and create some practice questions to prepare yourself for the test.
  • Many students benefit by creating flashcards. On one side of a card, write definitions or other facts, and on the opposite side, write the definition.
  • If you are completely unsure about a question, make an educated guess since there is usually no penalty for doing so. If necessary, show your work because teachers often provide partial credit.
  • When encountering confusing questions, move on to easier ones. Return to confusing questions once you’re done. In some cases, you can decipher clues to answers for confusing questions from other questions.
  • Many short answer questions require multiple answers. This is why it’s critical to carefully read instructions.




Author: smartstudyskills

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