Effective communication development is a very important skill.  Companies and organisations list communication as a highly desired skill and seek out effective communicators. Whether in a bad or good way, one is judged by the vocabulary they use.  This judgment is why one should work actively to make improvements and enlarge their vocabulary.


Use the following strategies to build and enhance your vocabulary:


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Increasing your vocabulary is fairly easy when you are reading on a regular basis.  When you’re constantly reading text outside the internet in reading material such as magazines, books or other various publications, new words will enter your vocabulary quickly and easily.  Reading from materials that discuss a wide variety of topics is essential as the more subjects you are familiar with, the more likely your vocabulary will grow.  When encountering an unfamiliar or new word, leave looking it up in the dictionary as your last option, but instead – try to figure out a word’s meaning through contextual evaluation: the way it is used in the sentence or finding other clues in the surrounding material.  Using this approach, you will be able to decipher word meanings and possibly utilise the words in their own verbal or written material more quickly and acutely.

Personalize It

Associating words to that which is meaningful to you will ensure you learn and recall information easily.  Think about the new word and connect it to people, familiar places or events of importance.  Using a rhyming scheme is another way to associate words that are unfamiliar with more regularity and further memory recall.  The more creative strategies for remembering that you develop, the faster you’ll become at remembering and using newly learned vocabulary words.

Repeat It

Repeating a new word is one of the greatest ways to increase your vocabulary.  While going through your daily routine, attempt to embed the word within memory through continually repeating it.  Another way to do this is taking time out to use a paper and pen and write the word continuously over and over.  Then create a sentence and use the new word in the sentence.

Game It

An enjoyable way to learn new words which is very effective is using word games.  Games are enjoyable and that makes learning more fun.  These are some sites known on the internet for their vocabulary word games:

Shockwave – http://www.shockwave.com/wordgames.jsp

Gamehouse – http://www.gamehouse.com

Yahoo! Games – http://games.yahoo.com


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