Textbook Reading Strategies

For those beginning their educational journey and unfamiliar with the volume of textbook reading material, textbook reading can become overwhelming.  There is, however, a simple strategy that can be employed to help simplify the process, breaking the assignment down and allowing one to maximize their time spent reading textbooks.  It’s as simple as ‘P’, ‘Q’, ‘R3’.

With P, one will ‘Preview’ the material or pages one plans to review.  Then using the Q, they will Question what they desire to take from a study of the materials.  Lastly, with R3, one Reads, Recites, and then Reviews the material just studied.

P – Preview

To preview the material means to give one an overview of the ideas and concepts to be presented in the material.  This is done by reviewing the chapter contents or headings for central ideals, main topics and even by looking at questions at the end of the chapter to then seek answers while reading the material.

     Q – Question


Take time while reading to use the questions from the end and even build in a few of one’s own.  For instance, if the textbook is on meteorology, and the chapter subject is clouds, ask oneself how many types of clouds there are, how are they formed, why are some clouds fluffy and some are thin and stringy like feathers, why are some clouds dark and some clouds light or even why do clouds colliding produce sound?   

     R3 – Read, Recite, and Review

 When it come to the third step in textbook strategising, it is a three-parter.  First one must Read through the assigned pages.  Then one will stop from time to time and Recite or sum up to oneself what has been learned to that point and lastly, one will Review the main points or concepts upon completion of the reading assignment.

When one has completed their reading assignment, it is helpful to return to sections that may have proven challenging to comprehend.  In this way, one will enhance their study sessions with a greater productivity.


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